Hello everyone,

As with any new blog you have to start somewhere. I figured I would post about my trials, tribulations, major fails, and major success projects. All on a shoestring budget. Why? Because I'm a girl and a ton of websites posts projects that are either for men only or that you have to have a man to help. Well being a single mom I am too darn stubborn to ask for help. I will do anything I can before asking for help. Now my experiences are going to help you to manage to do them all by yourself, or know when to call uncle and submit to begging.

In our economy people have had to learn to be creative in their lives. Whether it's because of finances, fear of spending your hard earned money, or you just hate to pay full price for something. Me, I fall under all of the above. So save yourself the cost of labor, learn something along the way, have pride of ownership, and have something to crow about to your friends.

Ever wanted to try something but didn't have the balls to do it. Well, I'm here and not afraid to take up a challenge. I guarantee that not all of the stuff I do/did worked out as well as I thought but then better me than you huh!

So bookmark me and when you're ready get comfortable with your drink at hand (coffee, tea, wine, hard alcohol, or whatever tickles your fancy) and follow me into the wide world of DIY projects.

Have a great day,

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