Your Tool Box

As with any DIY project you will need various tools on hand. Here is a list to get you started. You don't have to purchase it all at once but keep it handy to watch out for when you're at the store. You can also save money when it goes on sale, find something at a garage sale, or put them on your Santa wish list. One huge resource that I recently found is my local Dollar Tree. They have a hardware section and below I'll note their items with a DT. And their price is just right, $1 each.

Your DIY tool box:

A fishing tackle box can work great as a starter kit. The pockets for lures can be used to hold nails, screws, nuts/bolts, drill bits, and universal screwdriver bits. If you're patient, you can find them cheap at yard sales. If not, Walmart seems to be the cheapest. Be sure the rattle the box around to check for wonky handles. You don't want it break and have items scatter everywhere.

Drill, corded or battery operated is fine. Check them out at the Big Box store for one that you feel comfortable handling. Then wait for a sale or search eBay. Don't buy a monster and then struggle with it every time you use it.

Hammer, one small DT   one large.

Screwdrivers, both regular and Philips. (the flat one and the cross one) DT

Nails in asst. sizes.

Screws. Big box, Amazon, and eBay sell boxes with an assortment of screws and I love it as I have a          variety for any of my needs.

Spackle Knife/Putty Knife  DT

Box cutter    DT

Level, one small DT  and one large

Tape Measure   DT

Drop cloth   DT

Gloves   DT

Safety Glasses   DT

Mask   DT

Bunny Suit

Wrench  DT

Pliers   DT

Propane torch

Paint brushes   DT

Foam Brushes   DT


Roller pads   DT

Pan for paint roller   DT

Package of Sandpaper DT

5 gal. bucket

Duct Tape/Tape   DT

Small Buckets   DT

Another good resource is to always check the ooops paint section and waste bucket area in Big Box stores. Ooops paint has saved me money too many times to count and the waste bucket provided me with several small pieces for a project. I saved money because I didn't want to buy the entire product, and when customers ask to have the store cut down an item the waste goes into the bucket and you benefit from it. It has even given me ideas for future projects.

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